Images – Every picture tell a Story Infographic

Image of cameraA picture is worth a thousand words. Every Picture is worth a Thousand Words. Every picture has a story to tell. Stories without words.

Imagry is everything in relaying a idea. A visual helps set the tone and flavour to a article or post. This is true in real life as it is in online.
The Internet has given the rise of such a visual mediums Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, and websites. And rise to the billion dollar app Instagram.

Pinterest is a visual medium and has given rise to the phenomenon of sharing of high-quality imagry. Facebook’s new timeline redesign and increased important and prominence of image reinforces the visual aspect of its sharing. And brings into focus the acquisition of Instagram.

According to a Skyword Study: Add Images to Improve Content Performance. The average page views increased by 94% with the use of a relevant photograph or infographic compared to articles without an image. The study highlighted news, political, and sports articles and websites benefited most with the addition of image elements. Additional finding indicated that search performance was improved with optimizing of image captions, alt text attributes and metadata.

There is a strong correlation between image use in post/articles and high levels of social sharing and engagement. use judicially an image can convey a tone or feeling much greater then the written words can.

It’s All About the Images [infographic]

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