Content Marketing Exposed: What Everybody Ought to Know about Creating Luxuriously B2B Content


Did you spot the difference?

It’s not what you sell, but; what you stand for.

It’s not coupons. (Although a bonus gift is nice) [Read more...]

Who Else wants to Win Customers? Secret Competitive Advantage Formula of Fast Cheap and Good

Fast, Cheap, or Good

Win Customers, Stranglehold your Competitors with the Fast, Cheap and Good

Do you like winning new customers?

Yea, we all do.
But, how is it they are killing it and I am not? You ask.

You are doing ok; sales are there, but, you never come in first at the races. And nothing like the trophies they are winning!

“But, what are they doing we’re not doing?”

How can they be so good, delivery so fast and be that cheap? [Read more...]

Email Marketing: This One Idea Will Salvage Your Lead Nurturing


The first message was QWERTYIOP or something similar – Ray Tomlinson

Quoting Ray on the first email message he sent in 1971. I wonder if Ray knew the impact his invention would have on the world. Or the mainstay email has become in life and business and everything online.

Social, instant messaging, Skype, trade shows and networking events have their part to play as a communications channels. These are important, but, email is the one marketing channel you cannot live without.

In the context of building relationships email has a foundational role.


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Want A Thriving B2B Business? Focus On Social Customer Retention

I hate the word revolutionise.

Yes hate! Revolutionise is such an overused, marketing speak, cliché phrase.

‘Revolutionise’ is a phrases used to fool us into paying attention.

And of course it works.

Why does it works? Because it’s a power word. Yep a power word – power words transcend meaning and reason and get our emotions all stirred up. Power words hit us in the gut, assault our senses, dredge up deep-seated emotions and draw us in.

Social Media is a power word.

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Study: Twitter is THE Silver Bullet SMEs are Seeking [Infographic]

Twitter is The Silver Bullet.
The one unifying force in the marketing universe that does everything.
Branding, Broadcasting, Lead Generation, Outreach, Customer Service, oh my.
Maybe, oh just maybe it’s the silver bullet. and Market Probe International partnered and surveyed small business and their followers. The goal was to see if either side got value from the Twitter relationship.

The Insight just might surprise you. [Read more...]

18+ Reasons Why You Need Content Marketing [Infographic]


Marketing has Changed Your Marketing should Also

Content is Everywhere.
Everything you experience is content.
That bird singing — content
The song repeating in your head — content
The movie from last night — content
The ad interrupting your movie from last night — content
This post  — content
The morning newspaper — content
Emails you get — content
Everything you interact with— content
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Selling Social Media to the C-Suite

TO the converted Social Media is the one True Light. To the skeptic it’s Glassed over eyes.

The C-Suite is leaning to the right. They understanding social can be helpful. How do you begin selling social media to the c-suite?

Finding the executive pain points is a beginning. Speaking the c-suite language help get their attention.

Connect the dots between social and moving the Big needle and their eyes will focus.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself. So some background first.

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Debunking The B2B Social Media Marketing Myth

Small business have a belief social media marketing is for business to consumers.

“My customers are not on social — we are business to business” Is like the proverbial broken record going round and round in my head. At this time it is elevated to mythological proportions.

There’s many business myths — business owners get rich quick; build it and they will come; successful business owners are lucky; it gets easier. Now it’s time we add social media is not for B2B.

Getting lost is inevitable if you believe the hearsay, rumours and hype. Lets begin debunking the social is not for B2B myth shall we?

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Video Marketing is the Newest Fad [Infographic]

You have questions — I have the answers

Is Video Marketing The Next Big Thing?

Sandra Levy on Twitter asks a question about video marketing: [Read more...]

10 Tips for Better Facebook Status Updates [Infographic]

“What Have You Been Up To?”

Is the innocuous little message on the Facebook ‘status update’ window.

Simple, intriguing, full of allure and possibilities. The world is your oyster type of stuff.

So “What Have You Been Up To?” the window asks.

What magic words of wisdom, like Seth’s, can you write that will continue the conversation with my fans?

The question I ask, before penning my latest ‘literary brilliance’ is will anybody care?

Facebook Status Box

Facebook Status Update Box. Will Fans Care What You Post?

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